I love making 3D birthday cakes and making this Beetle cake took me back to my teens when I was a VW fanatic. Little did I know that the car my parents very generously bought me would take us over 6 months to restore….. my 17th birthday present was a trolley jack, axel stands and a tool box!

Rebuilding my Bug is a distant memory now but making this replica of a rare 1967 Beetle was a real trip down memory lane. I carefully carved and sculpted the iconic shape from a large block of cake and covered it in white chocolate ganache. Next, a layer of stone coloured icing and finally all the little details, tailpipes, hubcaps, badges, door handles.

I hope you like it, I know the birthday boy didn’t want to cut into it!

vw beetle cake 1967

3D vw beetle cake vw beetle cake