Having grown up with Star Wars in the 70’s, I couldn’t help but get caught up in the recent buzz surrounding the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

My pre teen years were spent wishing that one day I’d have hair long enough to plait like Princess Leia’s and pondering why on earth she’d choose to wear a metal bikini. It all looked rather uncomfortable and a teeny bit chilly to my 9 year old mind!

When my photographer friend Nik, from the amazing Acorn Studios in Dereham, asked if I could make his son a Star Wars birthday cake, I couldn’t wait to start researching (OK…..so going to the cinema, that counts, right?)

As soon as I saw Kylo Ren I knew he’d make an awesome cake. I looked at images when I got home and decided he’d have to be 3D! The mask, the hood, all so menacing and reminiscent of Darth Vader. I felt like a kid again!

Of course the cake needs to taste great, not just look good. The birthday boy loves sponge cake so we decided to go with Victoria sponge, vanilla buttercream and raspberry jam all encased in a gloriously delicious layer of white chocolate ganache.

First I made a template for the mask and decided on the dimensions of the cake, it was going to be a big one!

The cake was baked, cooled, torted, filled, stacked and covered in ganache, now the fun part could begin…transforming a dome of cake into The Dark Warrior!

Using my template I carved out a dip where the eyes would be, then set about covering the whole thing in fondant (sugarpaste). The mask was added and layered then the details etched. Finally the the chrome was hand painted and the hood added.

So here it is, Kylo Ren in cake!

Kylon Ren Birthday Cake @littleascakery

The birthday boy was ‘chuffed to bits’ and pretty much speechless, always a good sign!