You’re a very kind bunch and often say nice things about my cakes, particularly the lettering I use so I’m going to let you into a little secret!

I use cutters called Tappits by Fmm. (You can get cheaper copies from various auction sites but honestly, don’t bother. It’s well worth spending a few extra pounds on the Fmm ones)

It’s kind of a hate/love thing. To start with I hated them and used to regularly hurl them across the kitchen. With a lot of practice and endless patience I’ve finally worked out a technique that works well and now I LOVE them!

Pink JCB tractor birthday cake This is how I use them. I really like Sugar Paste Direct fondant as it’s a nice firm consistency (available from The Great Cake Warehouse). If you find your fondant is too soft, just add a little pinch of Tylo powder and knead it in. Roll a sausage of fondant about the size of your finger then use a small rolling pin and just a very fine dusting of cornflour to roll it out until it’s as thin as paper, leave to dry for 30 minutes. Use the tappits to cut out the letters, press and wiggle to make sure the edges are tidy, you’ll be able to feel when the edges are ‘clean’. Then (and this is the clever bit!) give a sharp tap across a large circle cutter…… You won’t damage the letters as they pop out and they won’t fly off across the kitchen either. Voila! Perfect lettering and you haven’t cursed/opened the wine/thrown your tappits in the bin in the process!

how to use fmm tappits


There are lots of really lovely Tappits available, not just lettering. My daughter recently persuaded me to buy the ‘childs play’ range. We’re having lots of fun decorating cupcakes, but mainly just eating the bubblegum pink fondant!

How to use Tappits

Happy caking, Amber x